Mission & Vision

Lee Elementary School Mission Statement

Lee Elementary School is committed to high achievement for each student through a balanced, rigorous and integrated educational experience in partnership with the home and community. Lee provides a positive learning environment which allows each child the opportunity to learn at his or her own pace and to excel in an environment of high standards. Students will acquire the skills needed to be successful, life-long learners, prepared to accept responsibilities and challenges of our culturally diverse society.

Our mission statement is reviewed yearly by the School Site Council, teachers and the principal. It reflects our belief that systems of assessment and accountability keep us reflective and responsive in meeting the needs of all students. We believe through appropriate enrichment and interventions, all students can meet high standards and reach their potential.

All learners will be active participants in an educational process where they:

  • Meet or exceed state identified grade level standards in language arts, mathematics, science and history/social studies.
  • Develop and apply problem-solving and critical-thinking thinking skills in a program which deals with real-world issues and real-world challenges.
  • Use technology as a tool for learning, for acquiring, analyzing, and using information, and for accessing the wider world of people and ideas.
  • Demonstrate consideration for others, respect and celebrate diversity.
  • Learn to work cooperatively and independently, making choices and taking responsibility for their learning.
  • Develop their special talents in academic areas, as well as in the arts.