Parking Lot Procedures

Traffic-Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Most Lee students travel to and from school by car. This results in traffic congestion in and around the school before and after classes. You can help us by following these guidelines:

  • Do not drop off your children prior to 7:50 a.m. as there is no supervision. If this creates a problem for you, please contact Kids Korner ( 714-799-4540 ext. 212) for before school child care.
  • Drop off your children between 7:50 and 8:00 a.m. Traffic congestion occurs with those dropping off at the last minute. (The first bell rings at 8:00 a.m. Students are tardy by the second bell at 8:05 a.m. Please do not put your child at risk of being tardy.
  • Do not have your children exit the car until you are past the cross walk and as close as possible to Room 3.
  • Have your children prepared to exit the car immediately on the passenger side. Please do not get out of your car or take care of last minute business. When everyone uses the loading zone as intended, it moves quickly and avoids congestion.
  • Under no circumstances may you drop your child off in the parking lot. All students need to be accompanied by an adult in the parking lot as their safety is our top priority.
  • When picking up your child at the end of the day, pull up to Room 3 where staff members will valet the first 2-3 driver's children into their cars (grades 1-5). Kindergarten parents may park in the lot or pull up to the loading zone to pick up their children. Do not park or get out of your car in the loading zone.
  • Be sure each day that your children know where they are to go after school and where they will be picked up: by the bike rack on Shakespeare, by the bus on Wembly, or in front of the school by room 3. Students may not wait for you in other locations as there is no supervision.
  • Students who have not been picked up in a timely manner will be taken to the office. If you cannot pick up your child within 15 minutes of dismissal, please contact Kids Korner for after school day care. The office staff will gladly help out in an emergency, but it is negligent to repeatedly expect free supervision after school hours