Lee Elementary’s Makerspace is …

  • A place where students can discover new learning, new talents and new passions.
  • A place where it is safe to fail.
  • A place where students can develop perseverance in the face of challenges.
  • A place where creativity, curiosity, and innovative thinking are valued.
  • A place where students have the opportunity to pursue interests, test new learning, and bring ideas to life.
  • A place where learning is active and students construct their own knowledge.
  • A place that encourages students to be visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined, and reflective.

What will students be doing in the Makerspace?

Students will participate in STEAM Making. They will engage in open-ended design challenges and explore new technologies.. They will refer to the engineering and design process as they work through authentic tasks, such as brainstorming, gathering materials, constructing, and fixing. They will build, create, program, explore, experiment, collaborate, and tinker.

Why is this important?

  • Research shows that deeper learning occurs when students engage in hands-on projects.
  • A Makerspace encourages a growth mindset, the belief that abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.
  • Companies want workers who can brainstorm, problem solve, collaborate creatively, and communicate new ideas.
  • STEM/STEAM related jobs are in high demand. Computer programming and IT jobs top the list of the hardest jobs to fill.

Visit the Lee Lab 4 Kids Makerspace Website Facilitated by Mrs. Chambers