MIND ST Math - Jiji

Logo for MIND ST Math App with Jiji the Penguin

All students participate in a program developed through the M.I.N.D Research Institute (Music, Intelligence, Neural Development).

This innovative self-paced visual approach utilizes a learner's spatial temporal reasoning abilities to explain, understand, and solve multi-step math problems aligned to state standards. The language barrier to learning math is eliminated, while the program has proven to be uniquely engaging and effective with students at every level of math and language proficiency.

MIND's use of Jiji the penguin through a game metaphor engages students who have struggled with conventional approaches in math and learning. The innovative games train students in multi-step problem solving. Students fall in love with Jiji as Jiji helps them master critical thinking and reasoning skills in math.

Our goal is to have every student achieve at least 75% completion of the program by the start of CAASPP testing in May. Students can use the MIND lab during recess along with before or after school if accompanied by their parent. MIND is an individualized instructional math program used for instruction. As always, academic honesty is expected at Lee; students are not allowed to share accounts, answer Jiji questions or help each other without teacher permission.

We experienced huge growth in math scores in every grade after just one year of MIND.